Starting something new…

I had a good run.

Website, wine tastings, books, magazines, trips to wine regions…

It’s time to take a step back, re-energise and start fresh. So here I am. Writing a blog, which is probably where I should have started and worked from rather than plunging straight into the demanding world of website running. Let me start again.

My name is Anna. I am a wine fanatic. Fell into it by pure accident while studying psychology and finishing off a rather grueling thesis on mentally ill and violent offenders and various rehabilitation methods. Big, big surprise! Anyways, the wine thing was only a temporary thing, while I finished off uni or so I told myself. Six years later and I’m very much into wine. I read about it. I blog about it. For a very long time I worked in the wine industry until a rather unfortunate run into a … well let’s not trash people here. Now I’m trying to get back into it, after a long run of soul searching and deciding that after all – I’m a wino. Who am I kidding. It’s what I love, it’s the one thing that I can read about all day long and sprout information on any wine topic at any time. Usually, the problem is to shut me up.

So this will be my release valve so I don’t alienate my friends anymore with anymore wine speak 🙂 Sometimes, they don’t mind.

What will this be about? Well, judging by how the website went I’d say it will be tasting updates, random thoughts, news from the wine world that is of interest and any other related topics such as food. Naturally, I am also a little bit into food. It happens. Wine goes well with it. Sometimes wine makes one want food. Let’s not dwell.

Today… well today is a stunning day in Sydney. I am being taken to a dinner at a Russian restaurant – so should be a pretty good night!

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