Hardy’s HRB Pinot Noir 2015

This was gifted to me by a colleague, as he doesn’t drink pinot and I’m more than happy to not only try something new but… well… drink pinot noir. It’s one of my favorite grapes when done right. Styles vary, with some preferring a more savoury and others a more vibrant fruity style. I am happy with both camps, depending on the mood and the occasion. However, one thing a good pinot noir must have is that pinot-esque sweet fruit core and vibrant acidity.

A: The wine has quite an attractive ruby colour in the glass, with a rich vibrancy at it’s core.

N: The nose is medium intensity of dark cherry, redcurrant, rhubarb and raspberry leaf. There’s a mineral-like quality to it, with freshness that evolves to dusty spices and earth.

P: Again, medium intensity with very fresh almost tangy acidity which is high, and the sweet fruit core that a good pinot always delivers. Palate throws to darker fruits with ripe plums and black cherries while finishing with hints of spice. The tannin is there but very fine, while the sappiness from the Tassie fruit wins me over. It is feeling a tad warm, with 13.5% alc stated on the label.

I’d call this a nice mid-week drink. It’s not going to wow, it’s not going to convert anyone but if you brought this to my dinner party I’d be happy with it.

Yarra Valley + Tasmania | screw cap | Bin number D667 | RRP $35

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