…this is not champagne: Massoni Lectus

A: golden and petulant

N: incredible richness even from a flute, medium+ intensity of caramelised peaches and figs, toffee and Chantilly cream with warm spices, think French vanilla and cinnamon. Freshly baked tarte tatin anyone?

P: full bodied and again that richness fills the mouth with frothy. Its like drinking a cascade of frothy caramelised peaches and figs amidst cream and yet somehow it all finishes dry.

If you love full flavoured wines,  this one is for you. This one is not as fresh as it would be from the cellar door, as bottle age is evident. An unusual experience and almost off dry but somehow manages to carry the richness to a brut finish. Not an every day sparkler, and I think might handle desserts well. I’m just happy to pour myself a glass, put up my feet, let my hair down and turn up the stereo. Cheers!


Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier | non-vintaged |  12.5% abv | Mornington Peninsula, Victoria | AUD25

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