Colour me surprised: Hahndorf Hill Rose

If you told me 12 months ago that I would willingly and free of obligation, purchase and drink rose I would have scoffed. I would have laughed out loud if you also said, I’d do this bizarre act in the middle of winter. And yet, here we are.

I’ve come to enjoy this style for it’s freshness and the lightness. The myriad colours but also flavours on the palate continue to surprise me. The variety of styles, the resulting experience and most of all the simplicity of not having to worry about black teeth while still drinking a nice almost red.

A: palest salmon pink

N: understated floral with red fruit; red apple, red cherry and strawberries.

P: medium intensity of flavours on the palate with red fruits, again crunchy red apple and strawberry, a bit of subtle quince notes, all tangled together with some really tangy acidity (high) and a light almost ethereal feel on the tongue. It makes you take another sip and add food. This is definitely a great aperitif!

This is a starter drink, with high acidity and a lovely tangy finish that makes your mouth water for some snacks and friendly conversation. The grapes are also a nice conversation starter, as it’s more of an unusual choice. Not the usual Pinot or Grenache here.


Trollinger + other red friends (undisclosed) | Adelaide Hills, South Australia | Vintage 2018 | 12.7% abv | AUD 20 | 

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