Earthly Spanish delights

A: deep ruby

N: inviting medium intensity of dark forest berries, hint of oak spice and blue flowers (lavender) as well as some earthy beetroot (cooked) notes. Over time opens up… so perfumed! Red and blue flowers with a heady scent. Ripe fruit on the verge of turning.

P: medium+ intensity of rich forest berries, forest floor, subtle spice from oak and italian herbs. Sweetness from fruit reminiscent of fruitcake but a very dry finish with medium+ ripe blue tannins that balance the wine nicely.

This is a delicious wine of great harmony and ripe grapes, handled gently and appropriately.

Incredibly well handled alcohol at 14.5% abv with barely a hint on the palate.

Bodegas Ateca ‘Honoro Vera’ | 2015 vintage | Grape: Garnacha | Calatayud, Spain

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