A decade in a glass

I have been very much into the burgundian grapes lately, my chardonnays and pinots have come from Australia, New Zealand and their homeland Burgundy. Nothing too flash like DRC (who can get one, let alone afford it?) but plenty of beautiful expressions with diverse styles and totally hedonistic delights. Some have been young, some much older.

Older wines, when looking back make you ponder the scale of time and it’s passage. Where were you when the grapes for this wine were ripening? What were you doing when the harvest team was bringing in the grapes? Do you even recall what you were doing while the winemaker was busily deciding what to do with the grapes and then following their decision through?

For some this would be a fun game, others don’t care. I trifle with the thoughts when feeling a little indulgent while sitting on the couch enjoying a wine of rare beauty. Like the one below. A decade. What have I accomplished in the decade from when the grapes were plucked from the stems through to it’s final journey into my glass and on my palate? Quite a lot actually!

A:  golden
N: medium+ intensity with decadent peach nectar, preserved citrus, nuts, butter, caramel and dolce de leche and smokiness
P: the wine has medium acidity (natural), a full body and medium+ intensity of flavours, lemon butter notes and floral elements, honeycomb, nettles and acacia. Palate tending to smoky, smoothness with hint of tannic grip.

Unbelievable length and clear development but still so young. Another 5 years+

Taylors St Andrews Chardonnay | Single vineyard | Clare Valley, Australia | 13.5% abv | french oak barriques for fermentation and maturation with lees stirring employed for texture 

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