Friday night magic

When life gives you lemons…

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with a head cold that only got worse, some terrible news and lack of pizzazz generally has been a bit of a downer.

So to take a break and stop feeling sorry for myself, especially now that the sinus is all clear and the world smells amazing at every corner (yes, I am literally so excited to be able to smell that everything smells amazing) I have decided to treat myself to a casual tipple.

Of all the tipples from my magic wardrobe (where else would I keep wine in a shared house with no cellar?) I have decided that this Friday night is the night for a little bit of that Adelina Grenache magic. From the ever beautiful Clare Valley, South Australia. Tried at the winery originally almost a year ago and I have been saving it for a special occasion. It was time…

Wild cherries, tar and sarsaparilla. Delicate, earthy yet ethereal in how lightly the flavours dance across the palate. Substantial to be enjoyed without drowning out the world, though. If I had to compare it to anything it would be a ballerina… yes – all that power but all you see is a dancing and flying human who seems to be able to float on air.

It was paired badly with pizza, it needed a more delicate and better food option. Something like a spring salad at a gourmet cafe or a small corner restaurant where the chef buys the ingredients daily and sometimes even sits and has a drink with you. A dish that would surprise and delight with ingredients you rarely see together, think zucchini ribbons and pomegranate seeds with zesty citrus fruits and a ceviche of some local delicacy. Or maybe just some well prepared fresh food, a bottle of this and great company.

Or maybe this was the perfect antidote, the pizza was not the highlight and the wine, well the wine made me remember all the good things.

Adelina Clare Valley Grenache 2017 | 13.7% | RRP AUD40


From the winemaker: hand-picked, fruit is destemmed and mildly crushed, fermentation and maceration occurs over 22 days and the wine is pressed to concrete tank for malo and maturation (9 months). 2,706 bottles produced.

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