Sunday wineday: 30 June 2019

I love Sundays, and always have. It might stem from childhood when my grandma refused to allow anything but play. There would be no housework, no work of any kind. Sundays were reserved for downtime, be that play or sleep or hanging out with family and friends. Usually, it was everything with food prepared the day before.

These days Sundays mean I can sleep in, however usually this is the one day I tend to wake up early by choice. By early, of course I mean around 7 or 8 in the morning, nothing too ridiculous please! Leisurely breakfast may follow, with coffee to start and food sometime, often hours, later. Some Sundays are about getting out for a walk, especially in summer – which means I head straight for the beach before the crowds descend and the day gets too hot.

Today, after two weeks of head cold and travel for work, it was time to leave the house and go for that walk. Happily the world smiled on me with a fresh, brisk sunny morning – the last day of the financial year. It’s kind of fun, it’s almost like having two lots of new year eves and new year days. There’s a feeling of renewal and fresh opportunities. It also helped that I am feeling a lot better than I have felt in the last two weeks.

It’s a biodegradable cup made from recycled materials.
Location: Sydney, Australia

Sitting back with my flat white watching the whales migrate north, was rather magical. I took the time to really soak in the sun and the salty air, helping my poor sinuses to breathe properly for what felt like the first time in ages.

After a quick shop, a relaxing and rather creative meal prep for the next week, I settled in in the garden for some music, wine and reviewing some of my favourite and new wine blogs, chat with friends and generally relax. The neighbours seem to be in a similar frame of mine with smells of barbecues and sounds of meal prep al fresco.

So here’s a question, what is your perfect day? How do you do Sundays? Is there a routine or is every weekend different?

Wine: Mount Majura Rock Block Tempranillo 2016

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