A case for why I really should drink more Alsatian Muscat, in the privacy of my own mind.

Standing in a bottle shop, swirling yet another insipid new age styled Grenache with too much VA or nail varnish and my mind can’t help but wander and look around. Seeing some tall skinny bottles and I wander over. There amongst the Rieslings from around the world, a lone bottle of Muscat from Alsace and I thought to myself, it’s been simply too long! It’s been a at least 4 years since I’ve had one, and I don’t know why. The only reason I can even attempt to nominate is that they are not ubiquitous and somewhat rare in Sydney. Which is a shame, such beautiful wines…

The nose is divine. It’s not overly intense but delicate with a bouquet of flowers and tropical fruits, so I close my eyes and dive in. If I could fly magically across a mountainous meadow, in spring as everything flowers, I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t come close. Roses and lychees, turkish delight and pear drops, mango and lemongrass, pineapple and cucumbers and the list could go on. Apricots! At five years of age it’s still incredibly youthful.

The palate, that first sip is a flavour explosion unlike any Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay can offer. This is like water to a parched desert, and absorbed just as quickly because it leaves the palate zingingly dry. There’s a little texture, like biting into a ripe pear and the accompanying acid that makes your mouth water. Yet with all this immense flavour, it remains delicate like the perfect English cucumber sandwich. The finish has some length, as the flavours escape like butterflies taking flight. A wine to enjoy while reclined, a sip at a time. Your favourite music in the background and just simply letting it bewitch you away on a magic carpet ride… a bit like this tasting note, really.

The intention was to have it with food, and I will, eventually. I will savour the first glass with eyes closed, leaning back and simply being in the moment. Reminiscing about all the gorgeous things in the world. Once done, I will grab something simple for dinner, nothing too complicated and nothing that will take me away from the wine for long. Maybe a picnic of charcuterie, fresh sourdough and smoke salmon. I do not want to detract from the wine…

Albert Mann Muscat 2014 | Vin D’Alsace , France | 12.5% abv| RRP AUD40

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