What is Lladoner Pelut?

A grape variety Aka Grenache Poilu aka Velu Variant of Grenache Less susceptible to coulure than Grenache Noir More consistent and more vigorous than Grenache Noir Lower sugar levels at physiological ripeness Buds late and is very sensitive to growing conditions Officially and widely sanctioned in Languedoc and Roussillon France total 366ha Varietal expressions are …

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A Short Philosophy of Wine

I wonder how to explain my love for wine sometimes. What made me swerve life paths and pursue wine so wholeheartedly. Why do I dedicate so much time and money to it. How to capture the essence of why I am so passionate about a drink that most consider just a way to get drunk.

This short essay comes part way to that… I will need to consider putting my feelings down on paper, so to speak.

Outre monde


Wine lovers know that wine is so much more than a drink, but how to explain the love of wine to those who do not already share it?

When you uncork a bottle of mature fine wine, what you are drinking is the product of a particular culture and tradition, a particular soil and exposure, a particular climate, the weather in that year, and the love and labour and life of people who may since have died. If you know how to read it, the wine, like a book, will speak to you of all those things and more.

The wine is still changing, still evolving, so much so that no two bottles can ever be quite the same. By now, the stuff has become incredibly complex, almost ethereal. Without seeking to blaspheme, it has become something like the smell and taste of God. This moving mirror, this transdimensional distillate…

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The Effect of Culture and Expertise on Perceived Wine Quality: A Case Study with French and Spanish Red Wines

I've always wondered how people think about wine and so I spend time asking those around me, when appropriate, what they think. Often casual drinkers feel like what they think is not important or they couldn't possibly express their opinion since they are not "experts". I always tell them " The most important thing about …

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