Hikaru Japanese Courtyard Restaurant

Plans for Saturday with the girls long lunch have been in play for over a month. It was a chance for us all to catch up, have a chat and a laugh and get a little tipsy on some vino without the hassles of responsibilities of day to day lives intruding. It was also a chance for a friend who has recently given birth, and was starting to come back to work, to let loose and re-live the old days. The scene was Newtown, Sydney. The setting a Japanese restaurant because we all love sashimi and there was to be wine, of course.


The day before, working oddly late on a Friday a text arrives from a friend seeing if I have seen The Results. She had great news, the goal of years of hard work had finally paid off. She can finally relax and enjoy having the DipWSET after her name. I had not seen any communication and really didn’t want to know, given especially that Saturday was coming and not wanting to ruin the fun. Despite the needling from colleagues to check and confirm the good news I simply did not want to chance that the news was not good.

Alas, at some point in the commute – I did. Justifying to myself that I would only brood over the possibilities until I had the confirmation, that Saturday would be a lot less fun with me sulkily checking my phone and toying with the idea all day. So I did…


…and I’m glad I did πŸ™‚


It is a glorious Sunday in Sydney.

The sun is shining. People are happy. Well, at least the neighbours are playing happy with guests in their backyard. I’m sure there will be plenty of unhappy people today but let’s not spoil the moment.

It is Sunday.

A beautiful day by any account. I am inside. Not really partaking of it, fantasising about sitting on a terrace or balcony, watching the world and drinking some decent wine. I can do that. On my balcony. I even have the wine. The question is more of why don’t I? And that’s what I have been thinking about today, fantasies never live up to the promise when they join in with reality. They are usually much more vivid and pleasant in your head then when they finally escape and wreck havoc with your ideas.

Why? Well let’s take my fantasy into consideration. Why wouldn’t it be as good as I think it will be?

a) It won’t be as warm, I want tropical night with maybe the sun on my skin.

b) Sitting for any length of time on my balcony is not very comfortable.

c) I will get bored very quickly. There’s not that many people to watch. Not enough happening to keep me entertained. My thoughts will wonder on another fantasy – to be somewhere better, to a better terrace with better wine and company…

…so the cycle continues.

Now this is meant to be a wine blog of some sort, but there’s plenty of those. So this will be my winexorcism.Β  Wine is coming…


Wishing this was my view…