Feeling just a little bit Parisien!

Beautiful day in Sydney, towards the end of winter with the sun shining and some shopping to do I headed out to the markets with a french braid and bright red lippy!

My new favourite local bakery, very French, make these amazing parisien sourdough baguettes right on the premises throughout the day. Sometimes you get lucky and they’ve just come out of the oven. Pure heaven! If you have not tried french bread, it’s hard to explain the lightness, crust and softness of these incredible tasting bread sticks.

For a simple and utterly delicious lunch, an end of the afore mentioned parisien (or Parisian) baguette, slather on cream cheese, sprinkle generously with fresh spring onions, parsley and coriander and add smoked shaved ham. Perfect! Matched with a lovely glass of decadent chardonnay.

A: pale gold

N: medium+ intensity of opulent preserved lemons, sun ripened stone fruit (apricot, nectarines) and melon. There’s a lovely deep spicy melted butter note adding complexity and richness.

P: medium+ intensity, full bodied wine with stone fruits and decadent oak treatment giving suppleness and length to the finish. The richness of melted butter, comes through on the palate with more tangy-ness which gives this a lovely grip and an almost chewiness. A textural, high acid wine that is drinking superbly now but will only improve in the medium to long term.

Taylors Wines St Andrews, Clare Valley, South Australia | Soil: terra rosa over limestone | Grape: Chardonnay | Vintage: 2015  | AUD35

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